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Thinking about becoming a consignor with The Consignment Closet? Here's what you need to know.

We accept Brand Name and Designer, Women's and Juniors Clothing, Handbags, Foot Wear, Jewelry, Accessories. We also now accept Gift Items and Small Home Furnishing.

You will first need to prepare your items for consignment. The items must be clean, folded and pressed. All items must be in new or gently worn condition. They must be current style (no older than four years old) or a true vintage piece that is still in current demand. We ask that you bring in NO MORE THAN 10 ITEMS IN TOTAL including clothing, shoes, jewelry and handbags. We occassionally make acceptions to the 10 items rule for those items that are in high demand but only if it has been discussed prior to drop off and we have scheduled additional time for item reviews. Bring your items in a handled shopping bag with your name clearly on the bag. No shoe boxes please. You will leave your items and we will price them for you. If you have a couture items such as Louis Vuitton, Prada etc.and would like to discuss the pricing please just let us know at drop off. We will email you an inventory list of the items we have accepted and call you if you need to pick up any items that we did not accept into inventory. Due to a high volume of drop offs we are currently accepting consignment by appointment only. We accept drop offs and pick-ups Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We do not accept drop offs or pick-ups on Saturdays. If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

We accept items seasonally

Spring Items - January, February, March
Summer Items - April, May, June, July
Fall Items- July, August, September
Winter Items - October, November, December

We accept sizes 00- 3X
We do not accept any type of undergarments
We only accept bathing suits and sleep wear if they are new with tags on.

We do not accept formal, bridal or prom attire.

Please refer to our "Brands & Items We Want" page for a list of what we accept and what sells best.

Prices are based on many factors, including condition, brand and demand for the item.

Items that are received at this shop as authentic must be so. If we find out that one of our consignors' is bringing in knock-off items and representing them as authentic they will no longer be allowed to consign in our shop.

We will display your items for 60 days. We do not charge a registration fee. You receive 40% of the sales price, not including any sales tax collected. We pay up to 70% for couture items like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci etc. that sell for over $1000..

Our regular mark downs are 10% off after 30 days and 25% off after 45 days. Scheduled mark downs, sales and coupons may effect the final price. Monies due to you for items sold are paid out by request at the end of your consignment period. We do not charge a check fee however if the amount due is less than $50.00 you must pick up your payment in the shop. If you want the items back that have not sold they must be picked up by the end of your consignment period. It is your responsibility to pull your items. If you do not pick up your items they will become the property of The Consignment Closet.

We look forward to having you as a Consignor with The Consignment Closet

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